) which is said to have been written for St Louis about 1260

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canada goose coats December 21, 2018 by Speight Jenkins Leave a CommentWagnerian in the perfect projection of his bass bark, full of life and eager to perform like many Italian tenors, and nearly human in his understanding of the humans around him, was an amazing dog. A Labradoodle (half Labrador and half poodle) he was above all sweet. I have had more than a dozen dogs in my life, and never has there been one so consistently sweet.Throughout his nine and [Read more.]A CALL TO ACTIONJune 5, 2017 by Speight Jenkins 13 CommentsIn its 425 years of existence opera has played a part in many political events The Marriage of Figaro, though very much canada goose outlet eu neutralized from its cheap canada goose sale French source, caused some anguish in Vienna, Verdi composed his first fifteen or so operas advocating an end to Austrian rule in Italy, and Berg’s Wozzeck dramatized the plight of the impoverished, undernourished and invisible humans ground underfoot by [Read more.]WHAT GOING ON IN OPERA?February 23, 2017 by Speight Jenkins 3 CommentsThe news that Darren Keith Woods was summarily fired after a sixteen year extraordinarily successful career as General Director of Fort Worth Opera added to some odd news from Vienna a short time ago seems inexplicable.Woods became General Director of a regional company in Texas at the turn of the present century that had made little impact on the national opera scene, overshadowed as it was [Read more.]RIENZI IN AMERICA?January 31, 2017 by Speight Jenkins 20 CommentsConnecting opera to current, particularly American political events usually doesn’t work, and even more unlikely when the connection can be made, to an opera by Richard Wagner canada goose coats.