Part of it is coming from pornography that makes women feel

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canada goose coats on sale Canada’s gynecologists are set look at this web-site to debate next month the growing demand for „designer genitalia” surgeries that purport to enhance a woman’s self image and sexual satisfaction.The controversial issue will be discussed at the organization’s 70th annual meeting in Niagara Falls in June during a session titled, „The Ideal of Perfect Genital Cosmetic Surgery.”Procedures such as „labiaplasty” and „G spot augmentation” are being widely promoted by private cosmetic surgery clinics on the Internet as ways to „beautify” canada goose uk price female genitalia and give them a more „aesthetically pleasing look.”It’s a commercialization of the female body Blake finds disturbing and a phenomenon she and others say is being driven by false ideas of what „normal” genitalia should look like.Part of it is coming from pornography that makes women feel their labia are somehow abnormal or unattractive, Blake said. „And it’s a really vicious circle, because this is one of the operations women who are actually in the pornographic film industry are now expected to have,” she said.”What bothers me most is that women are being made to feel insecure and unhappy about a perfectly normal, healthy part canada goose outlet fake of their body and will submit themselves to costly surgery when we just don’t know what the long term impact is going to be,” Blake said. For training in the surgeries, though Blake said they are „by no means in the mainstream.”The procedures involve labiaplasty, where the labia minora, the small inner folds of the vulva, are trimmed and made more canada goose outlet europe symmetrical, as well as laser procedures for „vaginal relaxation syndrome.” Labiaplasty costs about $4,500, and vaginal tightening up to $5,500.According to recently published guidelines from the Canadian society of gynecologists, no available long term data exists on the safety and efficacy of the procedures canada goose coats on sale.