After the 2004 hurricanes alot of people took down trees and

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canada goose clearance sale You can still go sign the petition. Please note that the Angel Oak itself is not being removed. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Outlet John’s Island used to be rural; a canada goose outlet store uk farming community. Over the last 20 canada goose outlet years or so, most of the farms have disappeared and just about the entire island has been developed. I remember riding along with my Dad sometimes on Saturdays, to visit with his customers out there. (Dad sold tractors and farm equipment before he moved to Sumter). It was quiet and green and loaded with oak trees along the roads. The local farmers would tell Dad to come out and pick anything he wanted. Dad would always wait until after the 2nd or 3rd picking. We’d canada goose outlet 80 off troop out there after supper during the week and glean the fields. Come home, snap, shell and put everything in the freezer. Canada Goose Outlet

We went out to Angel Oak quite a few times. It was on land owned by a farmer Dad knew. The tree is HUGE. I’ve cheap canada goose coat got a couple of old black and white pictures of us out there. They aren’t proposing doing anything to the Angel Oak itself but they are going to destroy the buffer zone around it, along with requesting a variance to remove some smaller grand trees. There will be increased traffic, along with all the accompanying pollution. With encroaching development, there is also increasing concern for vandalism of the tree.

The thought of them building houses and a shopping center right up to where the Angel Oak stands, breaks my heart. The tree is now owned by the City of Charleston and there is a small park there. Basically, it’s just a small plot right where the tree is. I’d like to see the entire area surrounding it stay forested. Well, what little bit is left. I don’t know how this is going to turn out but I suspect that the developer will get his way. I hope that the voice of the people will be heard, though.

Angel Oak, Wikipedia

And while we’re on the subject, you might find this link interesting: National Register of Big Trees

Hi bug,

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canada goose uk black friday A 1,500 year old tree. From an acorn. Survivor of who knows how many hurricanes, wars, floods, and earthquakes. (Had to wikki the earthquake part lol (1886). Gosh this seems like such a no canada goose outlet uk sale brainer. canada goose uk black friday

Also noted the Board of Zoning Appeals had their canada goose uk outlet meeting today and a request from the developer to remove 25 „grand” trees was to be considered. Please canada goose premium outlet post a follow up if you have time. Admittedly the Oak tree wasn’t quite so old, but when it was decided to build an extension to the shopping centre and cut down the tree, the locals were up in arms.

canadian goose jacket „Surprisingly, a 180 year old oak tree occupies a strategic location in the heart of Midsummer Place in an area of Milton Keynes called Oak Court. canadian goose jacket

uk canada goose Planted during Queen Victoria’s reign, the tree has survived many changes and is one of only three mature oaks in the city centre. uk canada goose

Instead of being cut down to make way for the shopping mall, Midsummer Place was simply built canada goose offers uk around it!”25 Grand Trees get the ax. The Zoning Board voted 4 2 in the developer’s favor to cut them down. Figures.

There’s nothing much anyone can do about the developement, since that was approved back in July. This battle was to try to stop them from cutting down grand trees.

uk canada goose outlet It’s really too bad that Angel Oak is on John’s Island and not in Summerville; the local ordinances in Summerville re: tree removal are so restrictive that even when one goes down on your house, you still have a ton of red tape to deal with to get it removed. uk canada goose outlet

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Bug, Winter Springs is known as the city of trees. If you trim trees or cut trees down you have to first obtain permission from the city buy canada goose jacket aborist. Then when he gives permission you have to go get a permit which costs money. If a live tree is removed you have to replace that tree with the same kind of tree somewhere else on your property. After the 2004 hurricanes alot of people took down trees and did not get permission from anyone. Now the law has really tightened up. Good canada goose outlet locations for everyone. Actually the trees help to take some of the bad hurricane winds away from residences. (the problem still is the might fall over on your residence)

buy canada goose jacket cheap It makes me feel rather that the city and the developers try to keep these things under the radar until they have everything written in stone or it’s so late, that the opposition can’t get the word out and garner the necessary public outcry buy canada goose jacket cheap.