We played $15 craps and got in the water

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canada goose black friday sale Cost: all in, including transportation, lodging, entertainment, food, etc, we spent $8500. That includes our bankrolls official canada goose outlet of $1600 each. My wife left with $400 of her bankroll and I actually won $500, but we don’t return any of that to offset the $8500, we just add it to next trip’s bankroll. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose Lodging: we went with Encore, our favorite casino resort in the world. We prefer it to Wynn because it’s more intimate, has the Players Lounge (a special casino pit with couches and dealers in classy black dresses), sometimes has lower limits than Wynn, doesn’t get much tourist traffic from the strip or Palazzo, and it has natural light from the pool and the atrium next to high limit. Both Wynn and Encore are on the quieter side, but Encore even more so. We got the Panoramic Suite, which is the same as the regular Resort Suite, just on a higher floor. canada goose

Comps: at the end of the trip I spoke with the on duty casino host about comps. He gave me $150 and my wife $100 off our bill. I felt that was more than generous. While we did give them a ton of play (maybe 6 hours a day), we’re low rollers. I play craps, blackjack, baccarat, pai gow poker, pai gow tiles, and three card canada goose outlet reviews poker. My wife plays craps, blackjack, pai gow poker, three card poker, roulette, and slots. She goes to sleep earlier, which probably explains the difference in comps.

canada goose coats on sale Sat: we landed at 2pm after a slight delay. canada goose coats uk My wife surprised me by having a black Escalade waiting to take us to Encore. I’m a sucker for SUVs. We were directed to the express (electronic) check in, which couldn’t scan our IDs or find our reservations, but an attendant helped us. We opted to wait for a strip facing room, and were rewarded with a top floor (63rd) room. We changed in the bathroom canada goose outlet europe and gave our bags to the bellhop, heading straight to the pool. There was a great energy there, lots of people, very sunny. We played $15 craps and got in the water. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket After changing we had a wonderful dinner at Andreas. My wife is allergic to shellfish so she loves their vegan sushi. I tried foie gras which was too rich. After that we gambled for many hours in the Players Lounge, playing $10 craps and $15 blackjack (6:5). The cocktail waitress was able to get me port wine for free by going to the bars. We tried out Night Swim at Encore Beach Club. Total disaster, I’ll spare you the full story, but they put us canada goose uk official in the regular line (not expedited entry that hotel guests get), and the pool was closed. We left 30 seconds after getting in and a great floor manager at the casino later that night helped us get a refund and gave us a ticket for a free meal at Jardin. That’s Encore service : ) buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Sun: started the day at Jardin. A beautiful restaurant but I find their options a little bit limited. Subtract alcohol and eggs and half the menu is gone! After that we went to the spa. Super beautiful and relaxing. I got my hair cut and styled at the salon, followed by makeup. My wife got a blowout. We both felt great after that and took lots of pictures. We headed over to Bellagio to play craps and eat dinner at Prime. We were nearly alone on the patio facing the fountains. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online After the show we met with a colleague of mine in Caesars who was in town for a conference and showed him how to play craps. We finished the night at Encore, gambling mostly in canada goose outlet houston the Players Lounge. Canada Goose online

canada goose uk shop Mon: woke up a little hung over to a room service breakfast of bacon, hash brown, and beignets. We went to check out Red Rock Casino but left in a grumpy state after an hour because of how loudly they play country pop in there, as well as commercials for their Players’ Card, which sounds just like a bad radio station ad, and creates a terrible atmosphere. For lunch we ate at Charlie’s Bar Grill, and checked out Wynn’s completely redesigned sports book. cheap canada goose coats uk The hot dog was great. I decided to get my first ever massage at Encore spa. It was beyond amazing, so profesional, so skilled. I used the hot tubs and reading room too. My wife took the opportunity to nap. I was doing well on bankroll so I played some $25 at 3:2 blackjack (instead of $15 at 6:5). Then we went to the buffet. We ate too much! But it was amazing. I made sure to get plenty of crab legs this time, while my wife was given a personal tour from the chef to show her what was safe to eat. He even offered to personally cook any item separately to make certain there was no cross contamination with shellfish. canada goose uk shop

We toured the mall, got some Honolulu cookies, and gambled in the Venetian. It was a little hectic in there for my taste. However, you can play in the high limit room for only canada goose outlet a $50 bacc bet, which I thought was a great value. Next we did the Star Wars virtual reality attraction, which we loved. After that we went to Palazzo. I liked that Palazzo was less crowded, with fewer tourists running through. I played some $25 Pai Gow Poker in the green chip pit next to the high limit room while wifey played slots she was very excited to find a Casablanca machine. We canceled our dinner reservations at Lakeside and decided to get room service. I ate a delicious Reuben sandwich with chicken noodle soup and she ate a cheese melt with tomato soup. We finished the night in Encore’s Player Lounge as usual.

canada goose clearance sale Weds: we started with room service of scrambled eggs and english muffins. While my wife packed I talked to the casino host who gave us some great comps off our room bill. I played some bacc in the high limit room, winning $300 as a fantastic sendoff. My wife, on her way out, placed cheap canada goose for sale a single $100 blackjack (3:2) bet and got dealt a ten and an ace, blackjack! It was a great moment. The black Escalade took us to McCarran and we were on our way! canada goose clearance sale

Lessons learned: sleep in or you won’t feel right the rest of the day. Don’t try to eat too many high end meals, they’re just too rich and leave us feeling overstuffed. Don’t go to the nightclubs if you’re expecting the same kind of personalized friendly service you get elsewhere on property. They’re pretty gruff, probably from dealing with drugged out 20 somethings. And the biggest lesson of all: spend a little extra to get canada goose outlet store uk exactly the trip you want. That what we got last time at Intrigue. They messed up big time. An ignorant „I just work here” security guard put us in the regular line mistakenly. And you right, in the regular line the line management sucked, everyone cutting each other. We not partiers. We were only interested because of fast entry and the swimming angle. They don tell you until after they take your tickets that the pool is closed, so you can even prove you didn go in. Never again! They treat us great on every other part of the property. They said „expedited entry” right on them. When we left, and asked the guard if that had really been the expedited entry line, he chuckled at us and said no. We asked why canada goose outlet london he put us there. „Oh that what they told me at the time.” He refused to do anything to make it right. We went to front desk where they were great. They got the security manager to take us right through, which he did. That when we discovered (after they take your tickets) that the pool was closed, even tho we asked the concierge if it was still on after the dust storm earlier that night. I was like pulling out my hair upset after being in line in 100+ degrees heat with a bunch of rowdy early 20s partiers staying off property. It was the low point of the trip. But later when I https://www.naslsoccerbowl.com was playing bacc in the Players Lounge I told the dealer while we were chatting how our night felt ruined. When she did that she went way out of her way to find a floor manager from a different pit who she knew could help. He the one who got it refunded (and it really hard to refund club tickets apparently) and gave us the free breakfast. It was an epic save. Wynncore is great like that. One of the only flaws with Encore is that guests there doesn really get any perks with their nightclubs, and even the overpriced concierge tickets don always work out to be a great deal. I wish they treated guests as well as Cosmopolitan with a separate line and often free entry.

canada goose uk black friday We loved it. I don mind a dry heat at all. Kinda love it. However, I think most people disagreed because there were only two parties outside, and the rest inside. They don take reservations for the patio specifically, so when you go, if there space on the patio you can check it out for yourself canada goose uk black friday.