9% of White rumped Vultures Gyps bengalensis were wiped out

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Top BirdLife NewsCaptive reared Critically Endangered vultures soon to be released in Nepal November 8, 2017South Asian vultures have famously suffered devastating population declines in recent decades. For example, 99.9% of White rumped Vultures Gyps bengalensis were wiped out between 1992 and 2007. This was due to the use of diclofenac: an anti inflammatory drug given to reduce pain in livestock, but deadly to vultures that subsequently feed on their carcasses.

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In its previous six decades, LFF has always been a perceptive showcase for British pictures and the 2017 selection gives equal weight to prestige productions and indie discoveries. Three strong contributions from women directors particularly catch the eye, with Sally Potter assembling a fine ensemble cast for The Party, a Buuelian satire that chronicles the fallout when new Shadow Health Minister Kristin Scott Thomas and husband Timothy Spall invite waspish old friend Patricia Clarkson, drug fuelled banker Cillian Murphy, new age poseur Bruno Ganz and lesbian adviser Cherry Jones and her partner Emily Mortimer to a supposedly civilised soire. Clio Barnard turns to Rose Tremain for inspiration as her bestselling novel, The Trespass, becomes Dark River, as estranged siblings Mark Stanley and Ruth Wilson clash over farmer father Sean Bean’s legacy.