While the leaders will likely only take two questions each

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For the last week, America has been told that its President is a „dope” and „a child,” an „idiot” and a man whose decaying mental faculties and refusal to read makes him dangerously unfit for the Oval Office.

canada goose On Tuesday, he largely pulled it off. The canadian goose coat black friday next step in Trump’s image repair strategy will come on Wednesday, when he holds a Cabinet meeting that includes a photo op and will take questions alongside the Norwegian Prime Minister. canada goose

Trump is likely to face questioning about a court decision Tuesday night that added urgency to the immigration issue: a federal judge’s decision to temporarily block his administration’s efforts to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

canadian goose jacket Inviting cameras into the canada goose outlet belgium Cabinet Room of the White House, Trump held court for 55 fascinating and canada goose outlet michigan politically charged minutes as a freewheeling debate unfolded among key Republican and Democratic leaders on immigration. canadian goose jacket

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Tuesday’s unexpected encounter that showcased Trump’s flair for drama and canada goose outlet toronto his capacity to create a unexpected, reality show style look behind the scenes of Washington bargaining. And it was perhaps Trump’s most effective effort yet to harness the theatrics and symbolism of the presidency to position himself as the dominant player at a key political moment a skill he was slow to master in a tumultuous first year in office when his erratic behavior alienated many voters.

cheap canada goose uk A canada goose store senior administration official told CNN’s Jeff Zeleny that conducting the meeting on camera helped Trump to „seize the megaphone” and to show engagement in canada goose coats uk policy and was designed partly to lay to rest the „hyperventilation about him.” cheap canada goose uk

Yet the compelling back and forth also exposed some of the President’s liabilities, notably a hazy command of policy details, a tendency to https://www.bamschaatsteam.nl adopt multiple, contradicting positions on key issues at the same time as well as his habit of misrepresenting the facts in service of his political views.

For instance, Trump said canada goose victoria parka uk he would canada goose outlet england sign a „clean” immigration bill, but at one point said it had to include a border wall, and then said a wall wouldn’t have to be along the full border.

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Still, Trump, seated between top Democrats Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Rep. Steny canada goose outlet ontario Hoyer of Maryland, projected a picture of confidence and flexibility, posing as the epitome of bipartisanship and civility while living up to his self image as someone who is always on the lookout for a deal.

He was clearly able to follow the debate, and mount a defense of his own controversial positions on a border wall, for example without causing obvious offense, and appeared magnanimously open to other viewpoints.

canada goose coats For sure, it’s a low bar for a president. Those who reach the White House have often been among the cream of their generation, lauded for wisdom, steely dispositions and possessing the presence to redirect the political winds. canada goose coats

Trump’s capacity to avoid playing into Wolff’s portrayal of his character will be tested when he faces questions alongside the leader of Norway. While the leaders will likely only take two questions each, the visual will be another opportunity for Trump to dispel concerns about his capabilities.

‘It was weird but it was positive weird’

Tuesday’s drama unfolded after a week of humiliation for Trump, amid sensational and damaging revelations from the book and after Wolff claimed that 100% of people around the President doubted he was up to the job.

Video canada goose outlet of the meeting held Washington captive for nearly an hour in the early afternoon, and sparked immediate political maneuvering.

canada goose clearance Republicans raced to praise Trump’s demeanor and liberals fumed at the media’s praise for the President, amid a standoff over a government funding bill and how to save hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants brought to the US as kids from looming deportation with new DACA protections. canada goose clearance

„It was weird but it was positive weird,” said CNN political analyst David Gergen, noting the unusual format of the meeting, and the impression created by the President, that was clearly aimed at dispelling Wolff’s storyline.

„I thought that Trump seemed to be on message today and seemed to be with it. people are going to say ‘he seems to be OK.'”

uk canada goose Where is Trump really on DACA and the Wall? uk canada goose

While the visuals were good for Trump and may have helped ease concerns of any supporters given pause by the debate on his mental state, the session also at times deepened uncertainty about exactly where he stands.

„I thought it was also true that the President left it totally cheap canada goose china confusing,” Gergen said. At one point Trump appeared to agree to pass the „Dream Act” to protect one time child migrants as a standalone bill with no conditions a huge potential concession to Democrats.

canada goose factory sale Trump said he was ready to take the „heat” to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill, perhaps forgetting that his own supporters see such a step as tantamount to amnesty for undocumented migrants. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Parka And Trump’s call for the return of earmarks to allow party leaders to woo members for legislation with goodies for their districts directly contradicts his „drain the swamp” philosophy Canada Goose Parka.