But who are the „Sunnis” and who are the „Shias”? Are they

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canada goose factory sale This reductionist, and often orientalist, approach in explaining the Arab world does not help us grasp thecomplex dynamics of identity politicsin the region.While Arab societies have undergone major social, economic and political changes in the past few years, most analysts writing about the region are still focused almost solely on sectarianism as being the catalysts for the violence that the region is witnessing.This simplistic approach has stirred a debate around sectarianism that is still fuelled by a wrong dichotomy: Is sectarianism real or not? The crucial question lies elsewhere.While it is difficult for anyone to convincingly argue that sectarianism does not exist, the more important question is actually to ask whether „sects”, as self contained homogeneous groups, actually exist; and whether we have been adopting the right categories in attempting to explain sectarianism.In his famous bookThe Shia Revival, Vali Nasr argues that the conflict between the „Sunnis” and the „Shias” will shape the future.But who are the „Sunnis” Get More Information and who are the „Shias”? Are they homogeneous groups? Are all the „Shias” on one side and all the „Sunnis” on the other? How do they operate? Through big sectarian collectives or through political parties and political organisations? Is the war in Syria today really one between the „Alawis” and the „Sunnis”?Or is it between the regime of Syrian President, Bashar al Assad and its regional and international backers, and the various opposition groups and their backers? How do we make sense of the numerous internal divisions within sectarian categories in Syria? Is The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) not targeting „Sunnis”? Is the Assad regime not targeting some Alawis? How did we get to reduce the world so much, and in such inaccurate ways, in our canada goose outlet uk sale analysis?Take Lebanon as an example, are the supporters of the Shia based Hezbollah similar to the supporters of Shia based Amal Movement? Can we call them all just „Shias”? Similarly, are the poor mainly Sunni inhabitants of Akkar in northern Lebanon similar to Beirut’s Sunni bourgeoisie? Are they just „Sunnis”? What about the „Christians”?Are the supporters of the Christian based Free Patriotic Party in Lebanon similar to their political rivals in the Christian based Phalange https://www.haydar-furniture.com Party? Or are the „Christians” of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt similar to those of France, Britain or the United States? Can we even speak of the „Christians” as such? Would this be an accurate canada goose emory parka uk depiction of reality? Are these categories transcendent to class divisions, regional divisions, and political division? More specifically, does sectarianism exist outside class dynamics? Doesn’t it interact and recreate itself within these dynamics?Anyone with little knowledge of the Arab world would quickly understand that reality is much more complex and nuanced than those simplistic categories. In Lebanon today, the „Christians” are not one group.Internal divisions between the main self proclaimed „Christian” political parties have prevented the identity category from being the basis for a broader group formation. In other words, the sectarian identity remains a category (institutionalised by the state as a form of identification), but not a group in society.Saying that one is „Christian” is no longer conflated with a political stance canada goose factory sale.