I VIP10 so I get 12 quests a day (I think)

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canada goose Although the tavern is the best investment of gems in the game you will probably still need to focus your spending on specific items to get the minimum amount to complete events, as well as having some gems in reserve to be able to buy unique offers. So it is important that you follow a scenario consistent with canada goose on black friday how much you can spend without harming your planning. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet All table data is based on 6 quests per day during 1 month so if you have access to more or less than that you need to do the proportional calculation (just divide by 6 and multiply by your number of daily quests ). Canada Goose Outlet

I did not do the calculation, but the use of quest scrolls will bring different results from the showed because at the moment of use they do not follow the probability distribution considered canada goose outlet authentic in the calculations here.

canada goose store 1 Depending on game progression, (aspen dungeon progression,etc.) people might value arena tickets, casino chips, prophet orbs, etc. differently. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale 2 Items like Prophet orbs cost 500 gems in the shop, canada goose langford uk but in reality, you get hero canada goose montebello uk shards off of it, plus adding 1/120 of the PO event rewards (Unless you consistently have more PO than the what required for the event). This way of calculating orbs may significantly differ from the 500 value that you assumed. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance 3 Another canada goose outlet in toronto way of thinking of it is that „If you ever decide to buy PO for gems, then the PO you got from Tavern will cover that cost.” However, this is somewhat faulty logic since you can buy PO whenever you feel like it for 500gems, which also means that if you ever skipped a purchase of PO for say, 500gems, then you admitting to yourself that PO isn worth 500gems. As soon as i have enough i will update/fix. canada goose clearance

The values are very dependent of player perception and needs, in a way that theres no way to do this objectively. I can try to make a customizable worksheet (you put the price) after gather the distribution data.

canada goose uk outlet I not sure i get what you mean (about the 1.8%). As i said in the post, you need to choose the scenario that fits to you. canada goose uk outlet

For exemple, scenario 12 makes you pay 420 gem daily and get 12.5k profit while scenario 4 makes you pay 91 gem daily canada goose outlet phone number and get 8.6k profit.

Do you https://www.st-edwards-cam.org.uk have 420 gems to pay daily? Can you bear the risk of having, dunno, five consecutive days of just item quests, 3000 gems, without getting broken? Do you have the stock of items you need for the next weeks events?

If yes, go scenario 12, if no it better to choose other scenario, like 4 or other. This way you could maybe put in variables where the players can substitute the gem value of the different rewards.

Also you could avoid discussions about gem values and everyone could adjust the table to his personal situation.

Furthermore you could include the probability of reward distribution among the different quest layers even without already knowing it yet. If then it came out that they are not evenly distributed it would cheap canada goose winter jackets be easier to adjust the table.

canada goose coats I know I behave like a customer that just got a 20% discount and is immidiately asking for a 50% :)keep all 6star+ and 5 star scroll and 4 star scroll quests 169 Scrolls. canada goose coats

This sounds by canada goose uk delivery far most tempting since Heroic summon (and sometimes PO) are the only events I can complete. I VIP10 so I get 12 quests a day (I think). So with this strategy I would probably be able to complete most Summon events with minimal money spent.

canada goose black friday sale However I not sure if this is a good idea. I sort of conflicted. Keeping 5 star casino chips and arena tokens keep things smooth for those events to always get completed. On the other hand those are always available to be purchased for gems if I run dry. Scrolls and PO are basically the only currency in the game that is offered in a limited supply. So I think their value canada goose outlet nyc in terms of gems should be held even higher. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Unless of course someone is willing to try this out and disprove the theory. Canada Goose online

Another thing that most likely would be possible is to mail the canada goose outlet support team and say you are willing to pay X amount of money for Y amount of prophet orbs to be sent to your account. You just have to throw enough money canada goose black friday sale uk at them for their time to be worthwhile.