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The law says the treasury secretary „shall furnish” tax returns to Congress upon request. But canada goose london uk Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday declined a request under the law from House Ways and canada goose outlet toronto address Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D Mass.), saying that the demand served no „legitimate legislative purpose.” House investigators responded on Friday with a subpoena as they ready a lawsuit aimed at forcing compliance with the request..

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canada goose store Kim, for the first time, affably parried with the international press without having to account for his government’s long history of oppression. He secured Trump’s support for the canada goose youth uk opening of a liaison office in Pyongyang, without offering any concessions of his own. Even without an agreement, Trump’s backing canada goose cap uk for the step toward normalization provided the sort of recognition the international community has long denied Kim’s government canada goose store.