I with trae just because i am a hawks fan

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I think canada goose outlet in toronto that matters. I with trae just because i am a hawks fan. I canada goose outlet reviews agree the slow start Trae had is BS, he is killing it now, but comparing just plain stats just give luka more advatnge, 2 more points, 4 more rebound, 2.2 less assist, better FG%, same FG3%, trae is a better FT shooter but luka has a better eFG%, Also, he has a better PER (19.5 compared to trae 16.9) and more winshares whatever that is.

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canada goose uk shop For slurs, I only just learnt easy slurs on one string, or if there is a crossing the fingering is easy to do (say you are crossing to open strings). But these slurs have annoying fingering where I jumping the same finger from string to string and somehow need to make it smooth in one motion. My instructor has me put the metronome on 50bpm and bow half notes when I first learning something so when you speed it up you already have some muscle memory canada goose uk shop.