I read that out to my brother and mom

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Hermes Handbags Replica Couple’s ‘nightmare’ after rats chewed through toilet pipe at Derby Homes blockOne rodent even ‘stole’ a floor cloth from their bathroomGrandparents Geoff Shirley Schofield, who live in an over 50s block of flats in Eaton Court, Derby, said they were at their „wits end” after they were left to deal with the rodents by „uncaring” Derby Homes.The couple bought the flat from Derby Homes just under four years ago but say the rats are its problem as they are inhabiting the „cheap” pipes in the block, which are easy to chew through.Therapist Mr Schofield, 67, said the pair had been „living on edge” for two weeks after their toilet had continually flooded due to rats chewing through the waste pipe.They say Derby Homes, which owns the block of flats, placed tape over the two inch hole on numerous occasions only for it to break again. They replica hermes birkin 35 then told the couple they should arrange and pay for their own plumber to fix the toilet problem as it was on their property.Since then Derby Homes workers have been out for the fourth time and told the couple they will order parts to do a „proper repair” on the pipe system.The couple say an hour after Derby Homes did a temporary fix, replica hermes accessories the pipe was leaking foul water again.Mr Schofield said: „It has been an absolute nightmare. The rats just laugh at the tape they put real leather hermes birkin replica on.”There’s a toilet downstairs and we had to stagger down there in the middle of the night Hermes Handbags Replica.