Some areas expected to see up to six inches of rain

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But at the end of the day, nobody’s perfect and all these moments tend to make really funny stories later on. In honour of Mother’s Day, this week You! talks to some women who share their interesting little mummy blooper. Read on.They say motherly instincts take over as soon as you give birth, but the truth is that maybe it can take some time to getting used to.

Canada Goose Outlet The Thursday night storm continued a week of flooding in a canada goose freestyle vest uk city where the fallout from the historic 2017 hurricane is still being felt. Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner told the Houston Chronicle that more than three inches fell in cheap canada goose new york most areas of Houston, but one area far east of Houston got four inches in 30 minutes. Some areas expected to see up to six inches of rain, the Chronicle reported.. Canada Goose Outlet

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