Tough guys were wearing black leather jackets back then

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canadian goose jacket EDIT 3: I agree so much with how future people will view us. When 500 is the expected lifespan, 90 will seem tragically young. When it 2000, 90 will seem like childhood. Tough guys were wearing black leather jackets back then. There was a Black Hawk comic book, where a UN of warriors in jodhpurs and knee high black leather boots fought evil, not by praying, but by throwing punches. Black ain so bad. canadian goose jacket

But the halo does nothing to soothe a baby. The vibration dies in no time with the stupid batteries and it’s not effective. So yeah, don’t bother with the expensive halo like we did. The video loads instantly on the website but I can see compression artifacts and the quality isn good on a 4k monitor. I guessing they had to do that to make the video load faster for those with lower connection speeds. It would be great if the video could automatically adjust the bitrate depending on internet speeds..

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