„We’ve certainly not been given a clear message of transparency

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perfect hermes replica I left it there and didn touch it until we moved. I happy to say that I still here breathing and I have since taken the gun to the police station and gave it to them with no reason. I just didn want it anymore. Greg Rutherford is furious at the decision not to ban Russia from Rio (Image: PA Wire/Press Association Images)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersWorld and Olympic champion Rutherford has joined a hermes replica belt growing list of athletes attacking the International Olympic Committee for not imposing a blanket ban, despite proof of a doping programme directed by the Russian state.The IOC has instead passed responsibility to individual federations of the 28 sports in the Summer Games to check the records of Russian competitors in the wake of a second World Anti Doping Agency funded investigation.(Image: PA Wire/Press Association Images)Now Rutherford, cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, former marathon runner Paula Radcliffe and three times Olympian Goldie Sayers have all hit out at the replica of hermes bags decision.Rutherford, 29, will defend his Olympic title at the Games, which begin on August 5.But he believes the IOC has tried to be „the nice guy to both sides” and, in turn, created a „messy” situation.New Zealand athlete ‘kidnapped by men in police uniforms at gunpoint in Rio’He told the Guardian: „I would almost have been happier if the decision had been a bullish refusal to act in any way. But no, what we have now is a messy, grey area that doesn’t help anyone.”This is a spineless attempt to appear as the nice guy to both sides.”Rutherford also insisted he always believed the IOC would choose not to upset hermes birkin crocodile bag replica Russia by imposing a blanket ban.And he criticised the way the whole process had been handled.He went on:”I had a terrible feeling that arms would be twisted.”We know the pros and cons of a blanket ban, we know the risks of ‘collective justice’, but we also know the risk of hermes watch band replica not punishing a culture of doping that comes from the very top. I would say that the latter is a much greater threat to sport.”We’ve certainly not been given a clear message of transparency and progress.”Rutherford praised the hermes blanket replica uk International Athletics Federation, led by president Sebastian Coe, for banning Russian track and field athletes who could not show they had been tested outside their country’s discredited anti doping system.He added: „I have to say I am proud of my own sport and its new leadership, for the proactive and strong stance taken a few weeks ago.”Athletics set the right sentiment for a clean and believable sport.”A string of other British Olympic stars have also come forward to criticise the decision.Six time Olympic cycling gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy wrote on Twitter: „What sort of message does this send out? Surely IOC’s job is to make crucial decisions rather than passing the buck.”Former Team GB marathon runner Paula Radcliffe, the world’s fastest at the distance, added: „A sad day for Clean. perfect hermes replica

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