Wijewardene said there were nine suicide bombers involved in

canada goose clearance sale „Really what we’re doing now is kind of getting our training wheels under us,” said Durgan. „The community is embracing what we’re doing. Our staff is excited about whats happening. Information was there, but the top brass security officials did not take appropriate actions,” Kiriella said.He said information about possible suicide attacks was received from Indian intelligence on April 4 and a Security Council meeting was chaired by President Maithripala Sirisena three days later but it was not shared more widely.Police earlier said the death toll had risen to 359 from 321, making it the deadliest such attack in South Asian history. About 500 people were wounded.The early Sunday bombings shattered the relative calm that has existed in Buddhist majority Sri Lanka since a civil war against mostly Hindu, ethnic Tamil separatists ended 10 years ago.Sri Lanka’s 22 million people include minority Christians, Muslims and Hindus.Wijewardene said there were nine suicide bombers involved in the attacks on three churches and four hotels. Eight had been identified and one of them was a woman, he said.”Most of the bombers are well educated, come from economically strong families. canada goose clearance sale

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